With the mix of two excellent technology platforms.

Hansenula may be the favored technology for affordable mass vaccination and is preferred by the WHO for hepatitis B vaccination promotions. Together, the platforms build a new method of low-cost mass production of secure and efficient vaccines. ARTES’ business program is to enhance its placement as a preferred advancement partner for vaccine manufacturer.. ARTES acquires ANAVAX virus-like particle technology from Select Vaccines ARTES Biotechnology announces today the acquirement of the ANAVAX virus-like particle technology from Select Vaccines Ltd. ANAVAX is normally a patent-guarded VLP technology which can be used to the prevention of several infectious diseases.With the mix of two excellent technology platforms, ANAVAX and the Hansenula expression system, ARTES has positioned itself as a unique partner for the vaccine industry.Occasions separated by significantly less than 30 minutes had been counted as an individual event. The magnitude and duration of each qualified hypoglycemic event were used to calculate the AUC for sensor glucose values of 65 mg per deciliter or less. Event AUC data were analyzed by using both initial and log-transformed scales. Mean log-transformed event AUCs were estimated and compared through a superiority test with a one-sided significance degree of 0.025. The analysis of the principal efficacy end point was performed based on the conditional power procedure,13-15 with nocturnal hypoglycemic events treated as independent events within the same patient. Furthermore, a supportive analysis was performed by using a mixed-results model incorporating within-patient correlation.