Which has been based in New York City since 1905.

He added that while amyloid buildup is apparently a pathology connected with Alzheimer's disease, provided the complicated disease process, it is not fully known the relative influence of each of the amyloid lesions within the mind on cognitive impairment.. ATS applauds NYC council when planning on taking major step to protect public from risks linked with e-cigarettes The American Thoracic Society, which has been based in New York City since 1905, is pleased with the city council vote yesterday prohibiting the usage of electronic cigarettes in indoor public areas where smoking regular cigarettes is also banned.This distortion is usually inconsequential on the scale of human vision, but poses a substantial barrier in the microscopic realm of medical imaging. In 1997, David Williams of the University of Rochester led the group that first demonstrated using AO technology to review the interior of the eye. In this system, named an adaptive optics ophthalmoscope, a laser creates a reference point that is used to correct the blurring of the picture acquired with a fundus surveillance camera. Today the fundus video camera is often replaced by another laser for imaging, which is called an adaptive optics scanning laser ophthalmoscope. By shifting the laser point over the retina and correcting the distortion along the true way, line-by-line a precise image emerges, in quite similar way a CRT monitor renders an image.