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Outside health experts and also German lawmakers have highly criticized the German investigation, saying the infections should have been spotted very much sooner. Weeks following the outbreak began on May 2, German officials are still looking because of its cause. Spanish cucumbers had been blamed initially, then eliminated after tests showed they had a different strain of E. Coli. Sunday On, investigators pointed the finger at German sprouts, only to backtrack a day when initial tests were negative later.Sufferers with a baseline potassium level of 5.0 mmol per liter or higher had a greater threat of the principal composite outcome with aliskiren than with placebo, in comparison with patients with a potassium level below 5.0 mmol per liter . Secondary Cardiovascular Composite Outcome The secondary cardiovascular composite outcome occurred in 590 participants in the aliskiren group and 539 in the placebo group ; the hazard ratio in the aliskiren group was 1.11 .