Vice President of Study and Development for ULURU Inc.

Commented, PDGF can be an important molecule in a number of important signaling pathways for cellular function in regenerating tissue in wounds. Our research demonstrates that it is possible to develop a sophisticated dressing that can launch PDGF for extended intervals, which could have significant scientific effects, as this controlled release may benefit tissue regeneration. The benefits of managed delivery of growth factors have previously been demonstrated in a porcine wound healing model by ULURU with a vascular endothelial growth factor.1. Protect carrots by planting them with leeks to repel both onion and carrot flies. They won’t actually lay their eggs and your yield increase tremendously. 2. Growing kohlrabi or radishes? Plant them with lettuce to repel earth flies that hate the smell of lettuce and make sure they are take flight. 3. Aphids will injure virtually all plants, causing head aches for gardeners all over the place. To repel aphids, plant nasturiums around bunches and broccoli of chives among sunflowers and tomatoes to discourage infestations. 4. Ladybugs are natural enemies to aphids and so are excellent for use in organic pest administration. Order ladybugs in mass online or buy them from gardening centers.