Today in the journal Character according to new research published female health.

Age of sexual maturity is influenced by ‘imprinted’ genes in girls The age of which girls reach sexual maturity is influenced by 'imprinted' genes, a small sub-set of genes whose activity differs depending on which mother or father passes on that gene, today in the journal Character according to new research published. The findings result from an international study of more than 180,000 women involving scientists from 166 institutions world-wide, including Boston University School of Medicine female health . The researchers identified 123 genetic variants that were associated with the timing of when ladies experienced their initial menstrual period by analysing the DNA of 182,416 ladies of European descent from 57 research.

All rights reserved.. Agent Orange cases expanded; Added costs increase fiscal concerns The Associated Press/Washington Post: Thousands of Vietnam Battle veterans are receiving disability compensation for illnesses normally connected with aging – not combat – due to the possibility of a link Agent Orange exposure. The illnesses involved range from diabetes, that 270,000 veterans receive Agent Orange-related checks, to erectile dysfunction. ‘And taxpayers may shortly be responsible for even more: VA said Mon that it will add cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and particular types of leukemia to the set of conditions that might be connected to Agent Orange.’ The total cost of these new payments are estimated at $42 billion over 10 years.