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Glenn Beck is saying it’s illegal and civil war. It’s the essence of America. And there’s a new Ron Paul video he released this morning at that we just posted where he says that secession is the ultimate American worth.’ He continued: ‘America has already been gone. We should recognize that, grab the New World Order, prosecute the criminals that have hijacked the Republic that don’t flee, and reconstitute the Republic then. But we must distinct or die to then rejoin first. That is time for dedication. This is time for dedication, and the spiritual decision to indication your John Hancock in your words and your deeds towards the restoration of our Republic and putting us back on the course of liberty and justice for all.’..Goldgeier, M.D.: Outbreak of Mycobacterium chelonae Infection Associated with Tattoo Ink Since 2003, an increasing number of published case reports have linked tattooing with localized infections due to atypical mycobacteria.1-13 Mycobacterium chelonae is an evergrowing type of nontuberculous mycobacteria rapidly; overall, it really is an uncommon reason behind cutaneous infections.14 a study is explained by us of an outbreak involving 19 persons with presumed M. Chelonae infection after finding a tattoo from a single artist who utilized a premixed ink that was contaminated before distribution.