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Perhaps more importantly, the ASH Analysis Agenda demonstrates how hematology study has led to extraordinary gains in individual care across all of medication, and emphasizes how support for biomedical and hematology study should be protected from spending budget cuts because such function provides an enormous profits on return. ‘Because blood runs through every organ and cells in your body, discoveries made by hematologists about its framework and function have an enormous ripple effect that extends considerably beyond our discipline, to areas such as oncology, cardiology, and medical procedures,’ said ASH President Armand Keating, MD, of Princess Margaret Medical center in Toronto.MCG has begun studies of three extra anti-seizure medications. Also on the horizon is a system that delivers a bolus of medication directly to the seizure focus in the brain, which might enhance efficacy and decrease side effects, in addition to gene therapy to change abnormal brain cells, says Dr. Park, who would like MCG to participate when those studies move to clinical trials.

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