The scholarly study will be published in the March 2005 problem of Accident Analysis and Prevention.

The experts also learned that feminine drinkers had a larger increase in risk of committing suicide or homicide than male drinkers. The scholarly study authors said these gender differences may be because of physiological factors. Past studies show that for the same alcohol intake, blood alcoholic beverages concentrations rise quicker, reach a higher peak and stay elevated for a longer time in women. Our research discovered that 54 to 64 % of injury deaths occur in current drinkers. It is clear that drinking is associated with a increased threat of all types of fatal injury significantly. Falls may be an exception because most fall deaths take place in the elderly, who are less inclined to be drinkers.• Rule #5) People ought to be required to sign a agreement before receiving an organ transplant, and that contract should commit them to avoiding drugs and alcohol and pursuing a healthful diet which will support their lifelong wellness. Trading in human fleshYou may call these the five fundamental rules for sensible organ transplantation. These rules most likely make perfect sense for you and me, but they make no sense to the organ transplant industry whatsoever.