The occurrence of esophageal cancer varies by geographic area.

The results of this study suggest the need for additional exploration on the partnership between genetics and esophageal cancers and can certainly be helpful in creating avoidance strategies against esophageal malignancy in China.. ADH2 and ALDH2 are associated with esophageal cancer As the seventh leading reason behind cancer death worldwide, the occurrence of esophageal cancer varies by geographic area, ethnic group and gender. Esophageal cancer is thought to be triggered by a variety of environmental factors which interact with the host genome. Researchers have long been looking for the etiology of esophageal cancer tumor. Many studies have already been conducted on gene-environment conversation and gene polymorphisms for esophageal cancer.On your way home you will see that you may find therapeutic convenience from the fresh air flow and the singing birds. Keep the body hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It is vital that one drinks lots of water every day. Don’t drink sufficient to flush off the toxins, drink more than enough to keep your body fit and healthy at the same time. This is helpful to avoid the tendency to gorge while eating. Start your day by drinking a glassful of drinking water.