The History Behind the “Church on the Hill” in Lenox, MA

Lenox, Massachusetts is a historic town in the Berkshires. It is a peaceful town with a small population of 5,025 (according to the 2010 census). One of its points of interest belongs to the historic church known as “Church on the Hill,” a Congregational church belonging to the United Church of Christ. Additionally, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The church cost more than $6,000 to build in 1805. The inside, completely white, is overlooked by God. There is a large round window, and below it are two bronze plaques, one with the Ten Commandments and the other with The Lord’s prayer. The historic building is well-maintained and clearly loved by so many as its age hardly shows. It is a place not only for residents to worship The Lord, but also for tourists to visit and do the same if they please.

Over the years, the church has seen many pastors, most only serving for eight to ten years. The most current is Reverend Natalie Childs Shiras.

Today, the church stands as an iconic place to hold weddings. With the all white interior and large round window, it’s a blessed place to get married under the grace of God. The church also holds special events, like arts and crafts fairs and social gatherings for the public. The most recent arts and crafts show was in July with a live auction and craft tents.

It’s a beautiful site to see, and one of the most popular in the Tanglewood area.

About the Author: Julie is a guest contributor from Gateways Inn & Restaurant, an elegant and timeless Lenox bed and breakfast.