The Gift of Giving this Holiday Season

We are now well into the holiday season, which means it’s that time of year where giving is certainly the best gift of all. Every Christmas season, there are millions of people without homes, food, water, and other things we take for granted. This Christmas season, there are many ways you can help out those in need, give your time, and even donate to a great cause. If you are looking for some way this season to give rather than receive, here are a few things you can do for others.

Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.

Most communities have a local soup kitchen to provide for food-insecure households. More than 48 million Americans live in food-insecure households, so visiting a local soup kitchen is sometimes their only option during the holiday season. Call yoru visit your local soup kitchen to inquire about any possible volunteer opportunities, as they are always looking for helpers. Help serve these struggling families this holiday season. They will also love to see your smile!

Visit a hospital and spend time with children.

Every year, millions of children are checked into hospitals to be treated for illnesses or undergo surgical procedures. During the holiday season, it’s especially difficult for children to be in the hospital. As you know, anyone would rather be at home with family. It’s nice to visit with children, and also drop of anything you think they would love to have–coloring books, toys, treats, and other kid-friendly gifts to put a smile on their face.

Donate toys to Toys for Tots, or other organizations.

Many children will go without a single present on Christmas. Make sure that children have the opportunity to receive something from Santa by delivering toys to a local shelter or donating toys to Toys for Tots. The Foundation allows local drop-offs as well as monetary donations if you don’t have the chance to purchase a toy.

Volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Millions of pets, such as a cats and dogs, go homeless every year. One of the hardest times for pet adoptions is during the holiday season because families are often focused on other things like buying presents and spending time with family. If you give a couple hours to a local animal shelter, that means these animals will have someone to play with. You can also donate toys and treats to the shelter, as well.