The American Dietetic Associations 2011 Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.

Exhibitors from corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations will showcase specific foods, food delivery equipment, option health-care delivery, cooking products, publications, educational innovations, meals management solutions and products, and much more. Featuring ‘The Great Sweetener Debate: Nutritive and Non-nutritive Sweeteners,’ the Member Present will feature a lively point-counterpoint debate on the latest science linked to sweeteners and their impact on health. Audio speakers consist of Barry Popkin, PhD, and moderator Theresa Nicklas, DrPH.We have so much to end up being thankful for! I am thankful my daughter has no heart involvment after a bout with Kawasaki Disease she’s been healed an Atitude of Gratitude wil give you Altitudel Thankful for clean and healthy food. I AM grateful for all THAT I AM! I am thankful that my life is so aligned that I can share my understanding both previous and new of health as my job in order that I can impact as many people as feasible. Wish they would all listen. Becoming Canadian, I’m thankful that the USA is our neighbors to the south. God Bless you this safe holiday season!! I am grateful for my healthy body that allows me to do things from operate marathons to enjoy chase with my children.