Streptavidin or avidin based reporter systems.

AMSBIO launches new and exclusive biotinylated protein collection AMSBIO has launched a fresh and exclusive biotinylated protein collection specially designed to simplify your research. Attaching biotin to proteins and additional macromolecules is an established labelling method which allows specific detection of biotin-tagged molecules via anti-biotin antibody, streptavidin or avidin based reporter systems. Biotinylation reagents are available for targeting specific practical residues or groups, including main amines, sulfhydryls, carbohydrates and carboxyls. Photoreactive biotin compounds that react non-specifically upon exposure to ultraviolet light are also obtainable and broaden the scope of the molecules which may be biotinylated.About Pralatrexate Pralatrexate is a novel targeted antifolate designed to accumulate preferentially in cancers cells. Predicated on preclinical studies, the Company believes that pralatrexate enters cells expressing RFC-1 selectively, a protein that is over expressed on cancers cells compared to regular cells. Once inside tumor cells, pralatrexate is polyglutamylated, that leads to high intracellular drug retention. Polyglutamylated pralatrexate essentially turns into ‘trapped’ inside malignancy cells, making it less vunerable to efflux-based drug resistance. Functioning on the folate pathway, pralatrexate inhibits DNA synthesis and triggers cancer tumor cell death.