Sarah Kandefer.

Gestational age, birth weight, and sex were comparable across the three birth-year periods for both live births and deaths . Extremely premature infants who died were 2 weeks younger in gestational age group than surviving infants . Furthermore, the regularity of receipt of prenatal glucocorticoids was lower among mothers whose infants passed away than among those whose infants survived . From 2000 through 2011, we detected increases in the %ages of women who received any prenatal care, who received prenatal glucocorticoids, and who delivered by cesarean section, and also decreases in the %age of ladies who received prenatal antibiotic treatment .Aside from researchers, participating veterinarians most likely have the most work – they need to submit samples of blood, urine and curly hair during annual examinations and report every time they deal with a volunteer dog for any reason. Study leaders won’t intervene or recommend any treatment, Page said. ‘We will continue to work with the vets dealing with the pets. We will catalog all the things that happen, the medical history, the diet, exposures and environment.’ The vets hope the study eventually will benefit human beings. Researchers will pay particular focus on early onset weight problems in dogs to observe how it is related to diabetes, Page said. Dog-years are a benefit to researching ailments within both humans and canines, because studying a dog for a decade is akin to studying a individual for 60 or 70 years, said Dr.