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PLoS ONE is the first journal of primary research from all areas of science, both pre-and post – publication peer review to assess the impact of every report it publishes employ to maximize. PLoS ONE is . By the Public Library of Science , the open access publisher whose goal is the worldwide scientific and medical literature a public resource published.

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Claire Hulsebosch, Professor of Neuroscience and cell biology from the UTMB, told emission Connect has unique because it – – an institutional forum of collaborative research, and do not an obsolete model of competition between medical researchers.

Plug the Department of Defense Post – trauma Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Program of the Office of Congress of direction Medical Research Programs recently awarded of Mission Mild TBI Translational Research Consortium a grant amounting to approximately U.S. $ 35 million to which five – to support year research Programme. The consortium comprises research teams of the University of Texas Health Science Center at in Houston, The University of Texas Medical Branchburg into Galveston , Baylor College of Medicine, ‘s principal investigator, and to the Transitional Learning Center Galveston. Work will founded within the existing framework which Mission Connect, a consortium led by the TIRR Stiftung in the year 1997 in order to facilitate collaborative research for be done to improve outcomes for patients with brain and spinal cord and neurological diseases. ‘Goal Our findings that will provide finally of the most effective of the most effective early treatment of prior to a mild traumatic brain injury Results The engaging at a chronic problem,’said Alex Valadka, the consortium ‘s principal investigator, vice chairman of the to the Department of Neurosurgery the University of Texas Medical School in the Houston and Director of the neurotrauma service Memorial Hermann is – Texas Medical Center neighborhood . ‘There is a high prevalence of gentle traumatic brain injury in troops and which work of the Consortium is in that driven. We believe that the results of our research will be also benefit from civilians, including athletes who have suffered concussions. Michael E. Of consortia members is meet at the basic science and clinical research develop new diagnostic develop new diagnostic methods, including sophisticated imaging methods and evaluate the developing new therapeutic interventions for clinical trials the researchers want patients with mild or TBI the assisted are over Memorial Herman. To recruit. TMC, Ben deaf General Hospital and Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center ‘the award of that aid confirms collaborative platform the mission Connect Get a high performance and central force for research,’said Cynthia Adkins, managing director of TIRR Foundation, under founded in founded missions Connect and managed ‘Unite accelerate this leading scientists in this joint research efforts , the pace of discover and provide the courageous men and female of our armed forces using the best medical care the brain injuries that suffered. ‘. – Claudia Robertson, professor of neurosurgery from Baylor College of Medicine and Director of the Centre for Neurosurgery Intensive Care at Ben Taub General Hospital, from Dr. Researchers. Co-principal investigator. ‘This subsidy is intended a great boost for research into traumatic brain injury, and enable researchers Connecting that collaboration via mission,’she said. ‘To Baylor College of Medicine, it will help to fund 10 investigators in the neurology, neuroscience, Neurosurgical and pain control and rehabilitation of. ‘.