Not to mention the wellbeing of employees.

Former Crimson Cross executives admit that ARC’s turnover system wide is approximately 30 percent each year, and that was an area management had determined for improvement. The best turnover at the Crimson Cross is in bloodstream collection, a job that’s difficult to fill as the work is unpleasant. For our people transporting blood is more than just doing a work. It’s about providing the country with the safest & most reliable blood supply feasible, Bryan stated. We are taking a are a symbol of donors, blood recipients, and Red Cross blood travel workers over the national country. Its period for the Red Cross to get serious about safety problems and respecting its employees. .. ARC employees protest that unfair labor practices can endanger blood and donor safety issues Teamsters who work at American Crimson Cross Blood Services facilities in Philadelphia continued strike this morning to protest unfair labor procedures and issues with working conditions in these services that could imperil the basic safety of donors and the integrity of the blood supply, not to mention the wellbeing of employees.• The shocking truth in regards to a dangerous chemical used in microwaveable popcorn that triggers a crippling lung disease. • The little-known secret about High-Fructose Corn Syrup: That it is made utilizing a toxic chemical substance catalyst that’s so dangerous it can burn a hole in the individual abdomen! • Why some junk food can be more addictive than heroin due to the use of chemical substance additives. These amazing facts about food can be found through the free downloadable survey 25 Amazing Facts About Food at: Also available: An expanded report, 100 Amazing FACTUAL STATEMENTS ABOUT Food offered by The report was researched and authored by the editors of, including editor Mike Adams, an award-winning journalist and nutrition advocate.