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Alcohol Intoxication Diagnosis The doctor will assess the person suspected of alcohol intoxication to answer the next medical questions and offer the correct care. Friends or family members who accompany an intoxicated person to the hospital can offer invaluable information regarding recent events in addition to past medical history. Does the blood alcoholic beverages concentration match the physical exam and the person`s apparent amount of intoxication? Most importantly, in a lethargic, intoxicated person, a doctor may be interested in how low the blood alcohol concentration is rather than how high it really is.Vasan said. D., evaluated the partnership between QRS length to the dimensions of the left ventricle of the heart in 4,534 participants in the Framingham Heart Study who had hardly ever been diagnosed with heart failure or a coronary attack. The decades-long study of individuals living in the city of Framingham, Mass., offers produced one of the most essential clues to risk factors for heart disease. Because this scholarly study just looked at an individual electrocardiogram and center ultrasound examination for every volunteer participant, it cannot determine which of the abnormalities, the lengthy pulse segment or higher left ventricle size, made an appearance first.