Michel Farnier.

The assessment of continuous secondary efficacy end points was similar to the assessment of the principal efficacy end point, except in the case of the finish points of lipoprotein and triglyceride levels , and the finish point of reaching LDL cholesterol goals . A Cox proportional-hazards model was found in the post hoc evaluation to compare rates of main adverse cardiovascular events between your two study groups. The safety population included all randomly assigned patients who received at least one dosage or section of a dose of a study drug.We are pleased that a strong partner is now on board to greatly help accelerate advancement and delivery of the investigational immunotherapy to patients. .. Ablation technique seeing that affective as conventional surgery for treating kidney cancer A minimally invasive technique used to destroy kidney tumors with an electrically controlled heating system probe showed similar efficiency as surgery of tumors in curbing cancers recurrence rates for five years after treatment. In an article available online in the journal Malignancy, Dr. Jeffrey Cadeddu, professor of urology and radiology at UT Southwestern INFIRMARY, reported the outcomes of more than 200 individuals who had been treated with radiofrequency ablation .