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Fayek, M.D., an associate professor of surgery, performed the liver transplant. ‘I am very grateful to the individual who donated my new heart and liver and I am looking forward to having the ability to resume a normal life,’ says Krech. ‘I am in college at Southwest Georgia Complex College learning early childhood education and Let me transfer to a four-year college and eventually teach kindergarten or 1st quality.’ According to his mom, Lavinia Krech, David appears very different than just before his transplant now. ‘I didn’t know he had such a lovely complexion. Because of his heart problems, his skin color was always sort of gray.But after that it was taken to their attention that that natural process might be utilized to heal those with broken bones and for whom bone grafts, which involve taking bone tissue from elsewhere in the body and occasionally from cadavers, aren’t a good option. As of this session on tissue engineering, repair and regeneration, the UCSF researchers will discuss how they finished up promoting new bone development by transplanting cartilage and what the results might mean for the future of bone repair.