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Hydrocephalus, that involves extra buildup of cerebrospinal liquid in the brain, affects about 1 in 500 children in the United States. Currently just symptomatic treatment exists-the surgical placement of a shunt to drain away excess fluid. Researchers wish to know the condition’s causes, so they can work out how to prevent and address it. Scientists have known for a few right period that hydrocephalus was linked to bleeding occasions in the developing human brain, but the reason for that linkage is not clear. The brand new study now suggests that hydrocephalus can be triggered by abnormal levels of lysophosphatidic acid , a blood-borne lipid that can enter the mind in high concentrations during bleeding occasions, with profound effects on developing human brain cells.The business enterprise being acquired had around $317 million in net earned premium for 2010 2010. Aetna expects to keep up the business’ current administration, staff and operations, which are located in Brentwood primarily, Tenn.. SNP-based microarrays recognize unbalanced chromosomal abnormalities in patients with unexplained unusual phenotypes such as for example intellectual disability, dysmorphic features, congenital autism and anomalies. They also identify lengthy contiguous stretches of homozygosity, which may suggest an increased likelihood for a recessive condition or uniparental disomy . Related StoriesUtah chemists devise new method to identify DNA damageCWRU awarded two NIH grants to generate pathology picture informatics platformNuclear membrane fixes potentially fatal breaks in DNA strandsThe Affymetrix CytoScan HD Array interrogates the entire genome using a lot more than 2.6 million markers for copy-number analysis and 750 approximately,000 SNPs.