HIV scientists release road map for treatment: Todays the first step George W.

The recommendations state early antiretroviral therapy should be offered to all patients identified as having HIV regardless of immune system cell counts and existence of symptoms. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading U.S. AIDS researcher, said that currently, regions that are pressing to obtain additional people examined and rushed into treatment are beginning to see infections drop, from San Washington and Francisco to part of South Africa. On another front, healthful people may take the daily Helps medicine Truvada to lessen their risk of illness from a sexual partner following a Food and Medication Administration’s authorization of Gilead’s drug for that indication.In case you don’t reside in Brazil, though, you can eat it dried, in pulp form, juiced, or as acai powder in acai capsules. The berries don’t stay perfectly, so to keep acai new, it has to be processed quickly. So long as the berry is used after it really is picked quickly, it can end up being put into several different forms to be eaten. Each way you can eat leads to different benefits. Acai in fresh type gives you tons of fiber and the highest levels of all the nutritents. However, you need to eat tons of the berries, which can make you full or at least actually hyper after consuming them .