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Background: The products contain things that can cause serious health problems. MaHuang is a way to obtain ephedrine while Kola Nut and Guarana are sources of caffeine. Ephedrine and caffeine, when combined, may cause serious and perhaps fatal adverse effects. Ephedrine taken in combination with caffeine could cause symptoms which range from dizziness, tremors, irregularities and head aches in heartrate to seizures, psychosis, heart stroke and attacks. Canadians suffering from heart conditions, high blood pressure and diabetes are among those particularly at risk. Yohimbine is a prescription drug and really should only be used under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner. The use of any unauthorized drugs including yohimbine may result in serious adverse reactions, in people with high blood pressure particularly, heart, kidney or liver disease.Inflammation can cause arteries, including arteries, to narrow, which limits blood flow, based on the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Mehta advises people who have psoriasis to lower their risk of heart disease by controlling traditional risk elements. ‘Avoid smoking, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including moderate workout and a balanced diet plan,’ he said. ‘It’s also advisable to have your blood pressure, blood and cholesterol sugar checked.