Having a Healthy Church

Maintaining a strong congregation can be challenging in today’s world. There are so many behind the scene factors, both physical and mental, that can contribute to the overall health of a church and its community. How do you safeguard the health of your church to retain an existing membership and grow in the future? There is no one simple answer. There are however a series of steps and precautions that leaders and patrons in the organization can take in order to ensure longevity and loyalty.

There’s a lot that goes into the physical appearance of a church. When a church is run down, it can seem unwelcoming and can drive away potential members. The church building itself always seems to be the downfall for churches. The repairs or maintenance of the building becomes too big of a burden to bear for small congregations and either depletes the savings or endowment fund, or goes ignored and the building falls in further disrepair. Visiting a church for the first time can be intimidating. Eliminating as many barriers as possible makes it easier for a visitor to feel comfortable, and is a big part the welcoming appearance that should accompany the church. Maintaining the church doesn’t have to be a one-time project and should be done just like any other routine building maintenance.

Solution? Have the current members of your church volunteer for small projects. Tasks seem less daunting and more realistic if everyone does a little something. For bigger things like recovering from a fire, or a collapsed roof, have the congregation chip in for church restoration services. But a little service goes a long way, especially if you’re taking care of an older church.

Another huge factor in congregation moral is how bonded they truly are and how dedicated they are to the church’s values. Leadership Transformations Inc. did a survey on the 10 top internal characteristics that make up a healthy church:

Ten Characteristics of a Healthy Church                                 Mean Score

(Nine Point Scale)

  1. God’s Empowering Presence                                                 8.78
  2. God-Exalting Worship                                                            8.43
  3. Spiritual Disciplines                                                                8.31
  4. Learning and Growing in Community                                    8.21
  5. A Commitment to Loving and Caring Relationships              8.19
  6. Servant-Leadership Development                                           8.02
  7. An Outward Focus                                                                7.90
  8. Wise Administration and Accountability                               7.56
  9. Networking with the Body of Christ                                     7.03
  10. Stewardship and Generosity                                                  6.94

Integrating these things into your daily practices as a church, along with keeping the church in a healthy physical condition, can significantly improve moral, loyalty, and the opportunity for growth.