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The Post’s reprehensible lies about campus rape statistics could easily be ignored if indeed they weren’t having the effect of changing how students and administrators alike watch the legal procedure for dealing with situations of alleged sexual assault. The legal presumption of innocence until being tested guilty has been eroded gradually, with many university students now of the persuasion that punishing possibly innocent individuals is better than letting possibly guilty individuals off the hook.However, they tension that the safety and efficacy of this therapy plan would have to be confirmed in large-scale studies before standard use to fight HBV.. Alcohol figures in Australia: Beer low wine high By Dr Ananya Mandal, MD New statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistic on alcohol and wines usage released on Tuesday display beer consumption is now at its lowest level in 61 years. It is making up less than half of all the pure alcoholic beverages consumed in Australia. In the last four years apparent consumption of low strength beers has slumped 37 percent. June 2009 The average Australian drank slightly below 107 litres of beer in the year to, which was the cheapest reading since 1947.89 litres per person to 29.36 litres in the year to June 2009 says the ABS report.