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‘We greatly appreciate this honor, which recognizes that AirStrip ONE provides interoperable enterprise mobility that supports transformation to new patient treatment and business models.’ The iAward is the latest in an extended line of sector recognitions that for AirStrip offers received in 2014. Earlier in-may, AirStrip was chosen to present at the Cavendish Global Wellness Impact Forum in New York City, and in January, Portela was named among the Best 50 in Digital Wellness.. Acupuncture Eases Radiation-Triggered Symptoms in Cancer tumor Patients A study only reported in the web problem of the journal Head and Neck increases the growing body of evidence that the ancient healing technique referred to as acupuncture isn’t some kind of hocus pocus quackery that just works via the placebo effect.We should promote the easiest, most cost-effective method for preventing the sexual transmitting of HIV: condoms. Condoms are cheap and so are relatively easy to use. They are almost 100 percent effective when used correctly. Various societies have had success in bringing about higher acceptance of condom use. Many reports show that a lot of people who understand they are positive wish to safeguard their partners. Lack of availability of condoms, generic packaging and retail price are significant factors in failure to make use of condoms. Combined efforts that include encouraging the widespread use of condoms, rapid tests and universal usage of antiretroviral treatment will bring new infections down drastically.