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Yoga exercises for beginners are a bit different from the forms or poses practiced by the experienced ones. As yoga exercise is a living form of exercise, that is, alterations do not kill yoga, so one can form up the yoga exercise postures and positions according to his appliance. There are no exclusive yoga exercises for beginners Essentially. But some forms have already been developed so as to focus on comfortably to the beautiful world of yoga. When we say ‘yoga exercises for beginners’, the term is a bit obscure. Since yoga beginner may be of any age so the positions will differ according to the age of the newbie.As well as the TSC2 mutation, 317 somatic coding single-nucleotide variants and 44 coding indels were identified . These included a common mutation in TP53 and an N-terminal frame change in FLCN , a tumor-suppressor gene that encodes folliculin. Folliculin is involved in TSC2 and mTOR signaling12-15; in some scholarly studies, inactivation of FLCN offers been shown to result in increased mTOR activity,14 raising the chance that this mutation, together with the TSC2 mutation, may contribute to sensitivity to everolimus.