Conservatives whould House be willing to compromise on Medicaid Cuts.

Sen. Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore. Of the change, the Medicaid cuts from the Senate budget resolution sponsored eliminated, stated that he was willing to be flexible and will not insist on Medicaid, on a compromise budget and free of cuts including Medicaid, according to CongressDaily. But House conservatives, who might oppose smaller Medicaid cuts complicated[e] the prospects of a compromise, Congress Daily reports. Jim Horney, a senior fellow with the Center for budget and priorities, said: If House conservatives really want to dig in their heels a conference difficult to achieve a conference settlement. Horney added that Republican leaders to be committed to an agreement on a budget resolution, which could be the driving factor of compromise. Related News said Scheppach that governors in discussion with HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt said they would be considered changes to Medicaid, which include the elimination of overpayments for prescription drugs, fills a gap, the elderly residents to transfer assets, qualify for nursing home care, can expansion SCHIP and increasing co-payments and deductibles for specific recipients.

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