Clopidogrel can be prescribed to individuals with severe ischaemia of the heart muscle.

Acetylsalicylic acid plus clopidogrel reduces coronary attack risk in individuals with acute ischaemia To be able to better prevent blood clots, clopidogrel can be prescribed to individuals with severe ischaemia of the heart muscle, furthermore to acetylsalicylic acid . The Institute for Quality and Performance in HEALTHCARE has investigated whether the mix of clopidogrel and ASA actually has a higher advantage for individuals than ASA alone. The final record by IQWiG, released on 31 March 2009, concludes that combination therapy can measurably decrease the risk of a heart attack.Your physician can refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist, or your neighborhood hospital’s department of psychiatry can offer a listing of doctors in your area. Your local mental health association or county medical society can also provide references. In an emergency, you can call SUICIDE. If your teen is in a crisis situation, your local emergency room can conduct a thorough psychiatric refer and evaluation you to the correct resources. If you’re unsure about whether you should bring your son or daughter to the er, contact your doctor or contact SUICIDE for help. If you’ve scheduled a scheduled appointment with a mental health professional, make sure to keep the appointment, even if your teen says he or she is feeling better or doesn’t want to move.