BlueFuse uses Bayesian figures.

A straightforward urine sample could quickly be used to predict the complex toxic ramifications of new drugs BlueGnome has pioneered the use of statistical transmission modelling in the analysis of high throughput experimental data. BlueFuse uses Bayesian figures, well proven in various other fields such as speech recognition, in combination with its own proprietary technology to bring a new approach to the processing of biotechnology data completely . The capability to automate this analysis will remove the cost, error and delay of manual intervention and enable medication discovery companies to base crucial industrial decisions on a significantly broader selection of data than happens to be feasible.

Furthermore, the deadly nature of an Ebola an infection is, more or less, related to the destruction of the endothelial lining of blood vessels. The harm isn’t caused straight by the virus, but rather from a surge of immune and inflammatory responses. Theoretically, if available treatments had the capacity to avoid or reduce this excessive immuno-inflammatory cascade of reactions, it would provide some safety against the disruption of the endothelium and the coagulation abnormality caused by the Ebola virus; as a result, it would likely reduce the death rate, noted scientists at the University of Texas Wellness Science Middle at San Antonio and the Gulhane Medical College in Ankara, Turkey. The group believes that melatonin could stop this sequence, thereby helping maintain the stability of blood vessels.