Based on the author of a Comment in this weeks issue of The Lancet.

.. AIDS deaths depleting ranks of health professionals quicker than recruitment abroad in Africa Helps deaths are depleting the ranks of medical researchers quicker than recruitment abroad in a few countries in sub-Saharan Africa, based on the author of a Comment in this week’s issue of The Lancet. From the annual death count, Frank Feeley and colleagues estimated that over a decade, death would claim more nurses and medical officers in two districts in Zambia than resignation or normal retirement . They discovered that the average age of death for these ongoing medical researchers was 38, suggesting that AIDS, than diseases of advancing age rather, was responsible for the majority of the deaths.Resistance arteries are essential to cardiovascular function because they regulate both the amount of blood circulation into cells and systemic blood pressure. We studied the endothelium from resistance arteries of male mice at 4 weeks and two years of age, which correspond to humans in their early mid-60s and 20s, Segal said. We initial studied the endothelium under resting conditions and in the absence of oxidative stress. We after that simulated oxidative stress by adding hydrogen peroxide. When oxidative tension was induced for 20 mins, the endothelial cells of the younger mice had unusual increases in calcium in comparison with the endothelial cells of the older mice.