Argues an editorial in CMAJ.

Our patients' lives depend on this change,’ Dr. Flegel concludes.. All health care workers ought to be vaccinated with annual flu vaccine to safeguard patients All healthcare workers in healthcare institutions should be vaccinated with the annual influenza vaccine to safeguard sufferers, argues an editorial in CMAJ . ‘Each season, 20 percent of healthcare employees get influenza, and 28 percent of young healthy adults who obtain it have asymptomatic or subclinical infections,’ writes Dr.THE FACULTY agrees with the ACS that elements such as a woman’s genealogy of the condition and her overall medical condition are a number of the problems that should be addressed, especially for women who are known to be at an elevated risk for developing the disease. ‘Many surgeons in this country have the incredible responsibility and privilege of caring for breast cancer patients every day. While recognizing that mammography is not perfect and supporting continuing research for improved methods, the medical community believes that the American Tumor Society’s screening mammography guidelines offer an optimal method of detecting breast tumor early, when it can be most treated successfully,’ Lamar S.