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Acquiring quick showers has been suggested also, with some going as far as to take ‘navy showers’ which involve turning the drinking water on limited to initially wetting the body and for rinsing reasons – – lathering is performed with the drinking water off, as it isn’t needed. On a larger scale, one rather surprising suggestion recently originated from former Superstar Trek actor William Shatner, who proposed building an above-ground drinking water pipeline from Seattle to California.More individuals with lung cancer had been treated with some mix of medical procedures, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy in the low-dosage CT group than in the radiography group , but stage IA cancers that were treated only with medical procedures accounted for most of the difference . Only 10 patients in the low-dose CT group and 6 sufferers in the radiography group received no treatment at all. However, for each cancer tumor stage, the relative frequencies of treatment types did not differ significantly between the two screening groups .