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Moy, M.D. – Beverly Hills, CA 3. Doris Time, M.D., FAAD, M.A. – New York, NY 4. David J.Goldberg, M.D. – New York, NY 5. Neil Sadick, MD, FAAD, FAACS, FACP FACPh – New York, NY 6. Ava Shamban, M.D. – Beverly Hills, CA 7. Tag G. Rubin, M.D. – Beverly Hills, CA 8. Lisa Benest, M.D. – Burbank, CA 9. Debra Jaliman, M.D. – NY, NY 10. Jeanine B. Downie, M.D. – Montclair, NJ Top 10 Aesthetic Businesses 2013 1. Biophora 2. Custom Skin Care DRx 4. Mybody 6. Angel Marino Beautiful Beauty 7. Vitality Institute Medical Items 9. SkinPhD, Inc. 10. Ameriderm Med Top Dental practitioner 2013 William Dorfman, D.D.S. – LA, CA Top Medical Aesthetic Experts 2013 1. Sylvia Sylvestri R.N. – Beverly Hills, CA 2. Aaron A. Furey, P.A. – Marina Del Rey, CA.. Administration budget plan for veterans’ healthcare riles advocates The budget proposal cuts protection spending partly by increasing health care cost sharing for retired service members.The number of acute ischemic stroke patients qualified to receive treatment is likely to grow over another decade due to increasing stroke incidence and a large aging population,’ said Saver.

Acculis’ new device for destroying unwanted cells receives European CE Tag clearance Acculis Limited today announced the regulatory clearance of its revolutionary new device for destroying unwanted tissues, such as liver tumours. The device is an individual high power high rate of recurrence 2.45GHz microwave needle that burns a 5cm sphere of tissue in only 5 minutes which can be between 3 to 10 instances faster than old school radiofrequency structured systems or lower regularity 915MHz microwave systems. This system provides surgeons and interventionalists the ability to treat previously inoperable sufferers and early data suggests improved clinical outcomes for tumour control significantly.