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The Washington Post: Congressional Republicans Are Focused On Calming Their Divided Ranks After a tumultuous week of party infighting and leadership stumbles, congressional Republicans are centered on calming their divided ranks in the months ahead, mostly by touting proposals which have wide backing within the GOP and shelving any big-ticket legislation for all of those other year. In depth immigration reform, taxes reform, tweaks to the federal government health care law – – bipartisan deals on each are most likely dead in the drinking water for the rest of this Congress. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., visited New Hampshire and experienced some tough phrases for Democrats – The Associated Press: Issa Rails Against Obama's 'Imperial Presidency' As chairman of the home Oversight and Federal government Reform Committee, [Rep.At present, there are many models available for providing contraceptives, but none for microbicides. Dr. Herold and her colleagues shall evaluate many anti-HIV microbicides, ultimately aiming for a two-drug combination. ‘During the last decade, we’ve learned that when you expose HIV to an individual drug, you make it simpler to select for resistance,’ she says. ‘Therefore, we are trying to target HIV infections at two different measures very early in its existence cycle, which should prevent the establishment of any infection.’ One of the medicines to be evaluated is tenofovir, which blocks reverse transcriptase, an enzyme crucial to HIV reproduction.