Aid circulation to Haiti improves as seaport opens.

The New York Times focuses on the Obama administration’s response to Haiti. ‘[A]s part of an extraordinary public relations campaign, the White Home released a three-page ‘ticktock,’ a newspaper term of artwork for a minute-by-minute reconstruction of how momentous occasions unfolded.’ Based on the newspaper, ‘The ticktock was among a torrent of news releases, briefings, fact bed sheets and statements that flowed out from the White House in the times after the earthquake, a media advertising campaign that illustrates two truths about the Obama administration: its deftness at providing to a nonstop, Internet – and cable-television-driven information cycle, and its determination to project competence and resolve in dealing with a heartbreaking tragedy.Human: Is definitely morality and ethics the same? Machine: Yes, sir. Human: What exactly are the issues that I really do to become immoral? Machine: I have no idea. Human: Give me some examples of moral actions. Machine: I’m not a moralist. Individual: Alright, morality? Machine: Integrity. Human: What is integrity? Machine: I’m sorry; I have no idea what else to say. Human: Become moral! Machine: Be considered a man! Human: I like our dialogue on morality and ethics. Machine: And how I’m not in the disposition for a philosophical debate.