Agilent Marries Diagnostics and Life-Sci.

Agilent Marries Diagnostics and Life-Sci, On Eve Of Measurement Spinout Agilent Technologies said today it has mixed its life sciences group using its diagnostics and genomics business within the part of the soon-to-divide company that may concentrate on life sciences, diagnostics, and applied markets product review . The new lifestyle diagnostics and sciences group will end up being headed by Lars Holmkvist, who will bring the titles of president for the combined group and maintain his svp position with Agilent, effective immediately. He was previously president of Agilent’s old diagnostics and genomics group as well as an Agilent svp.

And the ultimate goal of this equalization effort is to increase general public acceptance of genetically-altered organisms , particularly as states like California crank up to pass mandatory GMO labeling laws and regulations. or other controversial food additives found in nonorganic food products.’ Be sure to have a look at Cartalucci’s complete report, which acts as a good rebuttal to another inane editorial that attempts to utilize the Stanford study to advocate feeding pesticides and GMOs to babies:.. Agricultural giant Cargill and others in back of anti-organic ‘Stanford Study’ The organization media machine has once again done the folks of the world an excellent disservice by shirking its responsibility to conduct an effective investigation and inquiry in to the concern of organics following a recent release of the infamous Stanford University anti-organic study.