AFSCME to continue healthcare reform battle to the U.

Senate.’ AFSCME’s Make America Happen advertising campaign for health care reform offers been the biggest issue mobilization marketing campaign in the union’s background, generating a lot more than 400,000 phone calls and letters to Congress.6 million member union has invested in an aggressive $10 million television, online and print advertising campaign, along with an unprecedented usage of texting and new media.. AFSCME to continue healthcare reform battle to the U.S. Senate ‘Tonight’s historic vote marks a major milestone in the struggle to break the energy of the insurance industry and provide quality, affordable health care for an incredible number of American families.S.Fats are a little up in the atmosphere. Part of the problem is that we know that there are some saturated fats that are not harmful and perhaps even beneficial. However, you cannot individual out the healthful types of saturated fats from those that aren’t so healthy. They come packaged in foods together, she explained. Therefore, Sandon said, the message still remains to limit saturated fat and aim for getting your body fat from the mono and polyunsaturated body fat that we are quite confident are best for health.