Adolescent brain remodeling goes awry in schizophrenia By Eleanor McDermid.

But selective solid long-length connections emerge during normal adolescent development, to create an efficient adult mind. Jianfeng Feng and colleagues now report considerably stronger negative ADF in 28 sufferers with schizophrenia than in 28 age-matched siblings without schizophrenia and 60 mentally healthy settings. Related StoriesAdvances entirely mount mind imaging: an interview with Patrick Myles, President, Huron Digital PathologyNew research compares effectiveness of clozapine with regular antipsychotics in adults with schizophreniaInner hearing damage human brain warnings from nerve cellsAlso, the mean anatomical length of the connections was shorter in the patients than their siblings or the controls significantly, indicating continued strong choice for shorter connections in the brains of the schizophrenia sufferers.To better understand how lncRNAs play a role in cancer metabolism, Calin's group, including Roxana Redis, Ph.D., postdoctoral fellow, looked at glutamine, one of the major nutrients that fuel cellular metabolism. ‘The pathways that use these nutrients are often changed in tumor,’ said Redis. ‘The long non-coding RNA CCAT2 led to a newly formed RNA protein complex that regulated the metabolic enzyme glutaminase 1 .’ The lncRNA, located near a DNA sequence called SNP known to be associated with an increased risk of cancer of the colon, accomplishes this by binding to a proteins complicated called CFIm that regulates genetic splicing of GLS1.