Acupuncture shows promise in neck and head patients with xerostomia By Sarah Guy.

Furthermore, improvements in symptoms of having sticky saliva, having to sip to swallow meals, and waking up during the night having to drink were more likely after acupuncture than after oral care significantly, with chances ratios of just one 1.67, 2.08, and 1.65, respectively, report Jenkins et al in the Annals of Oncology. ‘This is a very neglected band of patients experiencing a most unpleasant side-effect of treatment that all other ameliorative interventions have didn’t address adequately.A clinical approach to diagnosing depression in adults Depression and its own separate clinical expressions could be diagnosed generally practice settings by screening measures, observation and refined indicator assessment, and also by interview of corroborative witnesses, relatives especially. Depression, stress and grief are regarded as synonymous, but need to be differentiated. A couple of probe questions enquiring about depression, lowered self-esteem and improved self-criticism will generally identify most depressed people. Normal depression is common and lasts only minutes, days or hours. Clinical depression is despair with a mood state of some severity which has lasted more than fourteen days and comes with an impairment component in functioning.