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6. Make him unique: Remember his every fine detail and ask him about them. Like if he includes a meeting then call him and ask how achieved it go? and other queries which will make him feel special. 7. Cook: It is rightly stated that men can simply be attracted by meals. If you are great prepare, try making new quality recipes and impress him at every step. 8. Usually do not worry: It isn’t necessary to be severe all time and worry for small things. When you are with him, keep your worries aside and don’t be over emotional. This is the best thing you can gift to your hubby in long distance relationship. 9. Youthful: Remain youthful and enthusiastic. Getting youthful can be as simple as being innocent, most husbands love it. 10. Body language: Attract him with your body language. Inform your cravings for him with eye, gestures and body languages.