Acetaminophen may prevent age-related problems Recent studies conducted by Dr.

Eric Blough and his co-workers at Marshall University show that make use of of the common pain reliever acetaminophen can help prevent age-associated muscle tissue loss and other conditions. Their research examined how acetaminophen may affect the regulation of protein kinase B , an enzyme recognized to play an important function in regulation of cellular survival, proliferation and metabolism. The experts’ data indicates that ageing skeletal muscle tissue experience a reduction in the proper working of the enzyme and that acetaminophen intervention in aged pets could be used to restore Akt activity to a level comparable to that observed in young animals. In turn, this improvement in Akt activity was connected with improvements in muscle mass cell size and decreased muscles cell death.‘With basic healthcare and sanitation all but destroyed, and millions of survivors most likely homeless left, unchecked infectious contamination and disease will pose a threat to survivors,’ according to the publication, which targets the effect of poor water sanitation and the spread of infectious illnesses, including HIV and tuberculosis . The Wall Street Journal’s ‘Wellness Blog’ notes that, apart form the instant devastation, ‘longer-term problems [are] brewing aswell.’ Your blog post features estimates from Warren Johnson, a dean at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, ‘which has long-standing ties to nearby Haiti. A second TIME article looks at the public health implications also.