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Instead, in comparison to Caucasian patients, these were more likely to be admitted to hospitals that perform fewer knee replacements, which have been correlated to lower-quality knee arthoplasty operation. The actual fact that African American competition was a predictor for admissions to low-quality hospitals, provides direct proof racial disparities in access to high-quality arthroplasty care. Dr. Xueya Cai concludes: This racial disparity in access to high-quality arthroplasty care is a major issue, especially as arthroplasties continue to be more broadly performed in both Caucasian and non-Caucasian sufferers with severe osteoarthritis. More work is required to explore African American neighborhoods, in addition to social and physician-referring elements to raised understand and address the problems of unequal gain access to and quality of arthroplasties.We realize that high-risk individuals don’t do aswell, but we live in a land of opportunity. Are we likely to use outcomes as a genuine way to deny opportunity? he asked.. ACAM, AAEM sign agreement to host joint meeting in Portland The American University for Advancement in Medication and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine are excited to announce they reach an agreement to host a joint conference and tradeshow, November 16 – 20, 2011 in Portland, Oregon. The AAEM Table of Directors are delighted with the opportunity to work with ACAM to produce an unforgettable meeting which should offer attendees with the remarkable chance to increase their horizons, stated De Fox, Executive Director for AAEM.