According to a National Quality Forum measure.

A third of ED imaging for PE is avoidable By Sarah Guy Data from 12 hospitals in the USA indicate that one-third of imaging performed in the crisis section for suspected pulmonary embolism is avoidable, according to a National Quality Forum measure hors cote . The measure says that computed tomography is certainly unnecessary in hemodynamically stable individuals with a minimal pretest probability of PE, in whom D-dimer tests is either not really performed, or is harmful. However, in a report of 3710 ED individuals, 65 percent underwent CT imaging for PE, 32 percent which was avoidable beneath the NQF criteria.

Who wouldn’t want that? .. AA attendance might alleviate depression One of many factors that attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings helps people who have alcohol use disorders stay sober appears to be alleviation of depressive disorder. A team of researchers has found that study participants who attended AA meetings more often had fewer symptoms of depression – along with less drinking – than did those with less AA participation. The report shall appear in the journal Addiction and has been release online. Our study is among the first to examine the mechanisms underlying behavioral modification with AA and to discover that AA attendance alleviates depression symptoms, says study innovator John F.