Abstract: Active-fixation pacing leads allow the use of selective pacing sites.

More details of the baseline information are presented in Desk 1.Table 1: subjects’ characteristicsFull size tableR-wave amplitudeThe baseline R-wave amplitude of the energetic group was 11.27). The R-wave amplitude in the energetic group was as stable as in the passive group through the entire 5 year follow-up . Unfortunately the follow-up rate for R-wave amplitude was only 30 percent because some individuals failed to be tested due to syncope or dizziness.Stimulation thresholdsStimulation thresholds are shown in Desk 2 and were significantly higher in the dynamic compared to the passive group after implantation, this trend lasted until the third year but diminished in the four and five 12 months follow-ups.Desk 2: Threshold and impedance through the five-year follow upFull size tableIn the active group, the mean pacing thresholds were 0.Blush: to highlight your cheek and lightens up that person. 5. Bronzer: the easiest and fastest way to produce a suntan skin without exposure to sunlight. 6. Nail color: create unique beauty with the addition of shades and shine to the nails of your hand and feet. 7. Lip Liner: add certain outline to define your lips, emphasize its color and keep it intact longer. 8. Lipstick: to provide brilliance looks to your lips, obtainable in matte, gloss and satin forms. 9. Eyesight shadow: add lighting color to your top eyelids. Deciding on the best shades for your night or day use. 10. Eyeliner: make-up your eye to look bigger and sexier with eyeliner.