AADR honors University of Maryland scientist for discomfort research Ronald Dubner.

Dubner is a professor in the School’s Division of Neural and Pain Sciences, who’s ‘an internationally-regarded discomfort scientist with a remarkable record of research, mentoring and teaching, provider and administrative leadership,’ says the AADA announcement. Dubner recognized the award at the 41st AADR Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Tampa, Fla. Among Dubner’s best known achievements was to determine a superb intramural pain system in the Neurobiology & Anesthesiology Branch of the National Institutes of Health’s institute, now known as the National Institute of Teeth and Craniofacial Research, a program which is one of the pre-eminent interdisciplinary pain research programs in the world.Dr. Noreen Willows, a grouped community nutritionist at the University of Alberta, and her co-workers also studied obesity amounts in Cree schoolchildren aged 9 to 12 surviving in two Cree Countries north of Montreal, Canada. The researchers measured height, body mass, waist circumference and skinfold thickness, and also assessed the children’s levels of physical activity and conditioning. The total results from one community, published in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, indicated of the 82 participating children, 33 percent were overweight and 38 per cent had been obese.