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, A Xerox Company . ‘With an increase of than 2,200 handled care plans and 1,800 prescription drug plans available to retirees, it’s no real surprise they are overwhelmed,’ said Jeff Clay, chief operating officer of My Medicare AdvocateTM at ACS. ‘This remedy will take the pressure off employers while making it simpler for retirees to chart the Medicare decision process. The support also decreases costs by enabling recruiting departments to devote fewer workers to handling complicated retiree medical coverage issues and getting rid of the administration costs of self-insured Medicare Health supplement plans. ‘Retirees and their families want relevant, customized info along with personal assistance,’ said Clay.Much like TBIs, few treatment plans are available for traumatic optic nerve harm apart from high-dose steroids to try to minimize the destructive response. Nevertheless the nerve’s response to these accidental injuries may contain the key to raised treatment, said Dr. Gregory Liou, GHSU molecular biologist. He received a three-12 months grant from the U recently.S. Department of Defense to explore the possibilities. Related StoriesResearchers discover two fresh structures in cornea of human eyeTyrogenex announces outcomes from phase 1 study of orally-administered X-82 in patients with AMDCharles Bonnet syndrome: an interview with Dr.