A hazy pigmented lesion What does dermoscopy reveal about this lesion?

The network at the periphery blended with the encompassing freckles. Excision biopsy of the lesion revealed an epidermis with a prominent elongated rete ridge program, which projected into the dermis as an anastomosing network. There were uniform pigmented melanocytes at the epidermal junction, and melanocytes were also present as clusters of little pigmented cells in the upper dermis focally.. A hazy pigmented lesion What does dermoscopy reveal about this lesion? Case presentation A 29-year-old female had a longstanding 6 mm size pigmented mole on her upper back irregularly. Dermoscopy of the mole uncovered hazy pigmentation with an asymmetrical design and a focally hyperpigmented focus at the upper right edge.However, this may take months, even years, so patience is essential in its treatment. Melasma is known as hyperpigmentation, which is usually, quite literally, an increase in the amount of skin pigmentation that’s most often viewed as tan or light brown patches of skin, usually on the face. While women predominantly have problems with this type of skin condition, men are also known to occasionally suffer from it as well. Some social people just have a few freckles, while others have zillions. What exactly is a freckle and what is it possible to perform about them? A freckle is normally a spot, light tan or dark brown in color usually, that is produced up of melanin, which really is a pigment found in skin cells.