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‘The unique interprofessional framework provides nurses with 360-degree knowledge of the secure administration of medicines within the highly complex critical care environment.’ In eight lessons, nurses shall engage and find out through four key features, including Inquire the Pharmacist, Safety Alert, Myth vs. Truth and What’s the Evidence? Presented in a full case study format using high-tech animations, the course offers clear illustrations of complicated ideas that encourage essential thinking skills. AACN: Critical Care Pharmacology joins AACN’s intensive collection of continuing education assets developed as part of its ongoing commitment to offer critical treatment nurses the knowledge and tools essential to provide optimum care.The experts also found that IPV victimization, perpetration, and mutual violence all correspond with increases in symptoms of major depression. Furthermore, these total outcomes were present for teenagers along with women, documenting that teenagers aren’t immune to negative mental outcomes associated with IPV victimization or perpetration. ‘However, when it comes to IPV, our research indicates that high degrees of discord within an intimate relationship have a similar negative effect on the psychological well-being of teenagers and women.’ Johnson notes that while ‘victimization has a more intuitive, straightforward relationship with declines in mental health,’ perpetration corresponds with an increase in symptoms of despair also.