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The RhopressaTM arm of the RoclatanTM study performed to the outcomes observed in the RhopressaTM Stage 2b study similarly, lowering mean diurnal IOP on time 29 by 6.3 mmHg from baseline. ‘We are very impressed by the RoclatanTM Phase 2b results. This product has demonstrated great guarantee to potentially become the most effective IOP-lowering product out there, creating new hope for glaucoma sufferers. With this achievement we believe we’ve an approvable item, and Phase 3 preparatory activities for RoclatanTM are commencing immediately. The entire Aerie team remains centered on moving forward towards Phase 3 registration trials for RoclatanTM, and initiating the Phase 3 sign up trials for our various other innovative product, triple-action RhopressaTM,’ stated Vicente Anido, Jr., Ph.D., Chairman and CEO at Aerie.Over the years, all three awardees have taught along with run their own laboratories regularly, and have been involved with program advancement and/or mentoring at various levels. Nussbaum spent some time working on elucidating the genetic basis of disease, like the heritable types of Parkinson's disease, Lowe syndrome, and choroideremia. He has taught medicine and human genetics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he directed the medical school course in individual genetics; the National Individual Genome Analysis Institute, where he served as medical director of the Johns Hopkins-National Institutes of Health Genetic Counseling TRAINING CURRICULUM; and UCSF, where he co-directed the genetics teaching in the preclinical curriculum.