5 Ways to Manage Your Stress Theres no method you can avoid stress.

They consist of kava, chamomile, St. John’s wort, passionflower, damiana, etc. Do your research online or visit tea specialty stores who’ll correctly refer you to the proper teas. Herb teas like kava can be dangerous if taken an excessive amount of, so it’s important that you are educated of all the effects. Other plants which have similar results are stress are Siberian ginseng, licorice, rhodiola, etc. Again, be sure that whatever you consume are perfectly healthy for your body. * Therapy: Seek specialized help to handle your stress. Therapists are well-learned and experienced professionals that are trained to help you deal with your difficulties specially.Heart Patients Worldwide Passing up on Key Drugs: – TUESDAY, Oct. 20, 2015 – – Many sufferers worldwide don’t receive generic life-saving heart medicines that are supposedly affordable, a fresh study reveals. In poor and middle-income nations, these essential medications are often not widely available or are too expensive. In wealthy countries, as many as half of individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease or stroke still don’t receive them, the researchers found. ‘Unless both availability and affordability of these medicines are improved, their use is likely to remain low in the majority of the global world,’ they added.